Who We Are

We are a Social Enterprise set up to recycle and reuse some of the many thousands of tonnes of 'waste' timber in South Somerset and North Devon that is needlessly being land-filled every year. The social side of our enterprise is to offer supported volunteering and employment opportunities to some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially excluded people in our community and help them to regain their confidence, self-esteem and dignity by learning new work based skills.
We live in a throw away world in which we have consumed and thrown away many of its raw materials, but society has also thrown away people too. As a society we must learn to recycle and reuse not only the waste material, but the human resources we have discarded, for they have much to contribute in our communityAndrew Jones, MD of We're Eco.

Wood Collection Service

We provide a competitive and Eco friendly alternative to skips for timber and wood waste, by collecting, recycling and then reusing as much as we can we are able to offer you a considerable saving on your wood waste costs. We are based in Taunton and our collection service covers most of Somerset and North Devon. See our Wood Collection page for more details.

We’re Eco Community Interest Company

We're Eco is a not-for-personal-profit (more-than-profit) company Limited by  Guarantee. It is a Social Enterprise with both environmental and social  aims hence our more than profit definition.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business whose objectives are primarily social, and it’s profits are reinvested back into the business or the community. With no financial commitments to shareholders or owners, Social Enterprises are free to use their surplus income to invest in their operations, but of course, we operate like a business so we do still need to make a ‘profit’. Without the profit we would not be able to pay our bills and taxes, unfortunately we all have pay those! but profit is not everything in our frail world, it is just as important to care about our environment  and the people who live in it. Without a healthy environment and healthy people who can take care of it, we would not be able live on this planet, so we are all linked!
What we are saying is there’s nothing wrong with making a profit but our enterprise is trying to do things a little differently