It's one of our social objectives
As a not-for-profit social enterprise the Project is structured around our social objectives. One of our key objectives, alongside our environmental ethos, is to enable social inclusion by providing a volunteering programme and support through our Volunteering Manager.
It's good for the Project as a whole
We are dependent on the goodwill, knowledge, skills and time of volunteers to assist us with our eternal work of collecting, disposing, de-nailing, and transforming of waste wood into a valuable and re-usable resource.
It's good for our volunteers
We aim to provide opportunities for people to become part of a team, increase their confidence, do some physical work, get valuable work experience, gain some woodworking skills, fill their spare time, and know they are doing something worthwhile.
What will I be doing?
A good introduction to wood recycling is de-nailing and site work as you get to know the other people here and the everyday routine of the site. You can learn how we grade timber for re-use or recycling, what different types of timber there are, and their uses. You will also get an introduction to using hand tools, or a chance to perfect your techniques. Going out on collections or deliveries as Driver's Mate is often interesting and fun. This involves helping load and unload the van, navigating around Taunton and beyond, helping the driver manoeuvre, and learning about health and safety in vehicles. It involves a lot of heavy lifting and gets you fit!
What are the volunteering hours? 
We are open to volunteers Mon-Fri, offering a structured 9am – 5pm day except on a Wednesday when the site does not open to volunteers. We have tea breaks in the mid morning and afternoon, around 11am and 3:30pm, and sometimes we're lucky enough to have biscuits! We break for lunch at about 1pm, and we will provide your lunch.
When can I come in? 
To keep the site safe and to ensure that there are enough tools and tasks for everyone, we usually have space for around 2 to 8 volunteers per day. Your volunteering days do not have to follow a regular pattern as we want to ensure that you can make volunteering fit around other aspects of your life.
Everybody on site must wear steel toecap and mid-sole safety boots at all times. We have many pairs in our boot room and should be able to accommodate your size. If you would like to bring your own boots you are welcome to do so, but we'll need to check them to make sure that they have the steel toe and mid-sole. You will need to wear hard-wearing clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, but we will provide you with heavy duty gloves, safety glasses, ear defenders, hard hats, dust masks, hi-visibility and waterproof clothing.
During your induction you will be informed as to where the First Aid kits are located, and the name of the certified First Aider on duty. Accidents and injuries are rare, but we keep a record of any incidents or near misses, and use these to improve our procedures to ensure your safety.
New volunteers all ways welcome
If you are looking to try something different why not come and spend some time with us. We are a friendly bunch and there is all ways lots to do. Don't worry if you have no experience with wood