Wood collection service

We provide a competitive and Eco friendly alternative to skips for timber and wood waste, by collecting, recycling and then reusing as much as we can we are able to offer you a considerable saving on your wood waste costs. We are based in Taunton and our collection service covers Mid and South Somerset and North Devon. It's easy! You put all your wood waste in a pile next to your skips and once you have a load you give us a ring and we will collect within 48 hours. (Often Quicker). Once loading is complete, we will agree cubic yardage taken with you or your site agent and issue you with a waste transfer ticket.
To make life easier for your staff we can supply you with wood waste recycling signs. We are up to 30-40% cheaper than skips!! Our staff are able to pack more timber in our collection truck so you will save even more money. Unlike skips which quite often leave site half empty! We only charge for wood waste taken. We are fully insured and our staff are well trained and issued with all necessary personnel protection equipment. If you would like to know more about our wood waste collection service then please give us a call to discuss your requirements on  07757  76 76 60

Wood we love to take

  • All lengths of timber nails and all.
  • Pallets whole or broken.
  • Floor boards
  • Joinery off-cuts.
  • Old beams/Joists.
  • Ply-board and shutter ply.
  • Chip board and MDF sheets. (Please note only dry ones)
  • Solid wood doors.
  • Telegraph poles.
  • Trees and branches that are already down.
  • Solid wood furniture. (But please phone first to discuss what you have)